Oil City Signs in collaboration with Graphic Bacon recently used Performance HD White on Black on the front doors of a show home. The graphic displayed how the interior may look when complete along with the viewing hours for the show home. Those inside the show home had a clear view out to their potential new surroundings.

Why did they choose Performance HD White on Black for the job?

When asked, Oil City Signs said: “We love using the new HD window perf especially in show home installations like the one in the pictures. Before the HD we would have to add decal lettering to some of the installations that had smaller words, just so they could be seen properly.”

When smaller lettering is used on standard one-way vision products, parts of words can become lost and the writing can become illegible which means that solid vinyl decals must then be added on top of the perforated window film. Doing this can cost more money and time as well as obstructing the view inside.

Performance HD brings the image impact associated with traditional 30% (70/30) transparency perforated products and the through-vision associated with 50% (50/50) transparency perforated products. This is because the 1mm diameter holes are 60% smaller than standard one-way vision products creating clearer and sharper images on one side and noticeably improved see-through on the other side.

The smaller holes mean that writing fonts can be smaller which is a benefit for a show home as text can be made more discreet, so as not to take away from the outside view of the home and since the text is legible, adding decals is no longer necessary.

As Performance HD is so clear that you would have to be close enough to touch it to see if it is perforated at all, this allows great visibility and daylight to come into the home, making it more appealing to those viewing the property inside.

As with all Contra Vision® perforated window film, Performance HD is easily removable when needed and does not damage windows or leave any adhesive residue behind.