Contra Vision is an industry leader in one-way vision window films across the US, UK, Europe and Australia. We continue to innovate and expand our product range which is why we developed a range of one-way privacy window films which built on our unrivalled expertise in one-way vision and one-way window film technologies.

We spoke to our Head of UK, Ireland & Middle East Sales, Adam Paget, to answer some frequently asked questions we get from privacy customers and to find out what makes Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film™ stand out. If you’re currently working from home, a Contra Vision Privacy Window Film is a must to make your home office more comfortable.

What types of privacy window films do Contra Vision have?

We have several One-way privacy window films, both perforated and non-perforated.  We also have a Two-way privacy product.

How does Contra Vision Privacy Window Film work?

Typically, our films work by reflecting exterior light and absorbing interior light, which gives you privacy from outside but maintains the view out.

Why should you choose Contra Vision Privacy Window Films?

Everyone knows that Contra Vision is synonymous with quality; by choosing our products you are buying into a world-leading window film brand and the peace of mind this brings.  Our films are a more cost-effective, and some would say, more appealing option than other privacy and solar control solutions on the market.

When and where should you use privacy window films?

Any time you want to turn your glass into something more private, or to reduce heat coming into a building.

Do you have a privacy window film that will give me 24-hour privacy?

Our Embossed Etch gives complete 24-hour privacy, although it doesn’t give a view out.  Our other products require the right light balance to work at their best and will need curtains to offer privacy during hours of darkness.

Will lighting impact the performance of a privacy window film?

Yes! The greater the amount of light outside than inside the better the films work, as this will allow more light to be reflected.  The reason we use white for some of our Privacy Window Films is to maximize the amount reflected which gives the best privacy and solar control.

Does privacy window film need to be installed by a professional?

No, our B2C customers typically install their own products without issue.  We have installation guides and videos on our website, and we also sell A4 samples to try if you are nervous about this.  There is, of course, the option of having a professional installer complete the job if you don’t feel confident and have the budget.

What are the other benefits of privacy window films?

The films are cost-effective, easy to install, and are easier to clean than blinds.  Privacy films can be cut to size easily, saving potentially thousands on custom window solutions. They are also durable and easy to remove, so when the time comes you need not worry about them not coming off the window.

If you have any further questions about Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film™, you may find the answer on our  Residential Customer FAQ page or Trade Customer FAQ page. Alternatively, you can contact Adam Paget for further information.

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