Unlike with your personal energy bills, a lot of the time businesses will pay their energy bills without question. However, with energy bills increasing rapidly over the past few years, there’s never been a better time to consider how your business can reduce their energy costs.

Lowering your energy bills should be a priority for all business owners as not only does it free up money that can be invested in other areas of your business, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint, helping the environment in the process.

Cutting back on the energy your business uses doesn’t always mean that you are hampering your company’s productivity or output as there’s loads of simple and easy tips to be more efficient.

Here’s our list of the 5 most straightforward ways to reduce business energy costs:

Switch Energy Supplier

Switching your business’s energy supplier can be one of the most instant changes you can make that will reduce your energy bill. This can seem difficult or time-consuming, but a quick online energy comparison that keeps in mind your requirements will give you the best options and cut down the bills. Not only that, but some suppliers are now offering different rates for use at certain times of the day which can be ideal for businesses.

Perforated Window Film

Next on our energy-saving tips is to apply privacy window film to your office – it’s easy to do and offers plenty of benefits. Besides added privacy and reducing external reflections, perforated window film helps in solar control, by reducing solar heat gain and UV radiation inside your space. By lessening temperature variations you’ll be less reliant on thermostats and air conditioning, keeping your energy bill down.

Research Before You Buy

By taking a look at the EnergyGuide Label you can find out which office appliances are the most expensive to run and pick more energy-efficient products. The EnergyGuide label is the yellow label that you’ll find attached to most home appliances you find in stores and it details how much energy that appliance uses. However, don’t just replace perfectly good, working items with more efficient ones as this is an added cost and is wasteful too. Wait until they break before replacing them with the more efficient ones. Yes they can be more expensive but you’ll soon make that money back on the energy they save your business.


By insulating your office walls, you can reduce the amount of energy you need to control your space’s temperature by close to 25%. If you insulate your floor, you are looking at around 20% energy savings. Another way to reduce your office’s heat loss is by insulating your loft, roof and hot water tank and pipes.

If you have a low budget and still want to know how to reduce office energy bills, go for thick carpets and draught-proofing by ensuring heat can’t escape from any holes, cracks or gaps. This can help cut down your bill in the winter.

US Tax Breaks

As previously mentioned, it makes sense to get energy efficient, or ‘ENERGY STAR-rated’, appliances for your office and this can also be an awesome way to get an energy tax credit. Depending on the device, you can get up to 30% off the cost of the appliance. Not only that, but you can get a federal tax credit for any renewable energy systems that run those appliances. Whether it’s solar panels, wind power systems or geothermal heat pumps, you can get a tax break for up to 30%.

There you have it, 5 simple ways to reduce energy bills. If you want to apply window film to an area of your office without a professional, take a look at our advice on privacy window film DIY.

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Perforated Window Film for empty retail units
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