Why Choose Contra Vision® For Transit Advertising?

Contra Vision® is the world’s leading manufacturer and specialist of perforated window films for printing one-way vision graphics to be used on transit advertising.

Unrivaled experience and expertise

Our invention started a new type of advertising and for over 30 years, our range of see-through graphic technologies have helped Out of Home advertisers and major brands transform transit windows into valuable media space using Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films.

Contra Vision has been recognised as the brand to trust for transit window advertising since we created the world’s first bus wrap in 1991, designing and constantly improving products to optimise performance specifically for transit applications.

Pan Pacific Hotel Bus Wrap
Project Cost

Project Lifetime Value

Deciding which brand of perforated window film to purchase to create the very best window graphics, is an important one. Using the cheapest material can result in expensive-to-fix problems but all to often specifiers can be tempted into buying the lowest price material available in order to save money. This initial benefit is short lived.

Contra Vision’s Project Lifetime Value explains how our products deliver real cost savings across the duration of the project and customers can save up to 25% on overall project costs.

Widest range to suit every window

Contra Vision Perforated Window Film in 40% transparency is the most common option for transit window advertising and will typically achieve the optimum balance of creative impact on the outside and the best view out for passengers from the inside.

Our unrivaled range of perforated window films are available in a wide selection of widths and lengths. Starting from 10metres/30 feet long and both 1.37m/54″ and 1.52m/60″ widths, we’ve got material available to suit every transit window application.

All our perforated window films are REACH compliant. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) compliance ensures that our products do not contain any of 211 chemicals that are deemed harmful to the environment and/or people involved in their manufacturing, use or disposal.

Our films feature a specialist solvent acrylic adhesive which is optimised to give easy, low temperature application with reliable adhesion and minimal shrinkage for the duration of the campaign. It also doesn’t turn milky and also allows for a clean, quick removal with minimal tearing and with no sticky residue that can often be left behind by inferior one-way vision products.

Go Transit HD WB Canada (4)

New products to optimize performance

We are designing and constantly improving products to optimize performance specifically for transit applications.

Our latest product, Performance HD White on Black in 40% transparency is unlike any other perforated window film on the market. This product has 1mm diameter holes which are 60% smaller in area than standard one-way vision films. It is ideal for use on bus & tram windows as it offers an almost seamless transition between the solid graphics applied to the body and the perforated film applied to the windows. It provides the smoothest see through from inside the vehicle, with the vision out having minimum interference.

In tests, consumers could only make out the perforations in the HD one-way vision film when they were standing up to 1.5m from the material, whereas with standard perforated window film they were able to distinguish them even when around 3.5m away.

Exclusive Grayliner technology

Graphics printed on perforated window film featuring a white liner tend to look faded compared to those printed on solid vinyl because as much as 50 percent of the film has been removed.

To compensate for this our unique patented Contra Vision® Grayliner™ creates a realistic background to show how the printed image will really look on a window. It enables accurate color matching to the original artwork, reducing the tendency to overcompensate with increased color saturation, which can occur when using standard white liner products.

White Liner v Grayliner