Tram and Train Advertising Formats

External tram and train advertising can be either in the form of graphics, simple text or other visual information. Advertisements can be produced in multiple formats from mega sides on a single carriage to full wraps. Any type of wrap is going to be visible and remembered by thousands of people each day for a successful Out of Home advertising campaign.

The following tram and train advertising formats are ones that include window graphics and can typically be found globally, however some markets may have variations in sizes and layouts.

Mega Side

Megaside Tram Wrap

Also known as Super Square / Full Side. This large billboard style tram wrap covers the entire exterior of at least one carriage. A high impact panel targeting drivers, passenger and pedestrians.

Portrait Side 

Portrait Tram Wrap

Tram wraps are an established and proven approach of Out of Home (OOH) advertising. However, you do not need to cover the entire area with window advertising. Poster sized graphics can still get your message across in a very impactful way but on a budget. Clear sight lines into the tram are maintained and graphics are easily viewed by pedestrians and waiting tram passengers.

Full Wrap

Full Tram Wrap

Also known as Tram Wrap / Total Wrap / Maxi Tram. This is the largest of all tram formats covering the entire exterior of the vehicle with a mixture of solid vinyl and perforated window film. This Out of Home (OOH) format achieves the highest penetration among passers-by in urban settings, creating an eye-catching medium with a lasting impact.

Inside Window

Train Wrap Inside Window

Posters and advertising is usually applied to windows so it faces outwards. On underground trains the window prints are facing the opposite way to attract the attention of passengers inside the carriage. The graphics are invisible from the platform allowing an excellent view into the carriage. From inside, the graphics appear much more transparent when the train arrives at the platform. This is because light from the platform “burns through” and dominates the window graphics in terms of the eye’s perception.

Full Wrap

Full Train Wrap

This is the largest of all train formats covering the entire exterior of the vehicle with a mixture of solid vinyl and perforated window film. We recommend a high transparency for the window graphics to ensure the best possible see-through for passengers.