Transit Advertising Product Specification Guide

Our range of white on black perforated window films and overlaminates are trusted and specified by leading world class brands and by the major bus and transit advertising operations in North America, Australasia and Europe.

We are unmatched in our experience and knowledge of perforated window film. It is a complex subject and ensuring the right products are used correctly is critical to a successful outcome.

Talk to our transit window material specialists about your project for free advice on the most appropriate material for your needs.

Which Transparency?

Contra Vision Perf Options

We offer the widest range of transparency options. In most countries it is common to use a 40% transparency (60/40) or 50% (50/50) transparency.  The first number denotes the percentage of print surface while the second number indicates percentage of open area.

  • 50% transparency offers maximum through-vision, although image impact is reduced.
  • 40% transparency is the most popular option, with a good balance between image impact and through-vision.
  • Lower transparencies such as 20% (80/20) can used on the rear window where see-through performance is often less critical so advertisers can achieve a stronger image.

Perforation Options

We offer the widest selection of hole diameters within our ranges:

  • Our EXCLUSIVE Contra Vision® HD™ range features 1mm diameter holes that are 60% smaller than standard one-way vision products meaning that inside the vehicle you cannot see the perforations from as little as 1.5m compared with 3.5m with standard perforations
  • 1.5mm &  1.6mm are the standard hole diameters for perforated window film
  • 2mm is the largest hole diameter. It offers maximum VLT (Visible light Transmission) however it is more noticeable and can be visually distracting when viewed at close range. Please note we only offer this hole diameter in Australia. Please contact us for further information.

Overlaminating and Edge Sealing

With transit advertising the use of overlaminating films are not always necessary, however through vision is compromised if water, dust or dirt sit in the holes of perforated window film.

If this is likely to happen and it is important that through vision is maintained, then a compatible ‘optically clear’ overlaminating film needs to be applied over the perforated window film.

Edge sealing is not generally necessary, but does improves the resistance to environmental damage and damage incurred when cleaning to enhance the durability of the graphics, as the edges are the most vulnerable areas of perforated window film, whether overlaminated or not. Edge sealing is especially worth consideration for long-term transit graphics.

Polymeric or Monomeric?

Contra Vision® Performance™ polymeric films are recommended for short and long term applications, are tough and can be easily removed even without an overlaminate. They are flexible and can be applied (with care) if applications extend beyond the windows onto the vehicle body.

Contra Vision® Campaign™ monomeric films are recommended for shorter term applications onto flat glass surfaces only.

Both ranges are manufactured with German-engineered REACH compliant vinyl. The white and black layers are laminated together to give optimum consistency and printing performance. Our clear, solvent acrylic adhesive is optimized to give low temperature application, reliable adhesion and a quick, clean removal when required.

Use our Product Finder or contact our transit wrap specialists about your project for free advice on the most appropriate material for your needs.

Exclusive Grayliner Technology

Graphics printed on perforated window film featuring a white liner tend to look faded compared to those printed on solid vinyl because as much as 50 percent of the film has been removed.

To compensate for this our unique patented Contra Vision® Grayliner™ creates a realistic background to show how the printed image will really look on a window. It enables accurate color matching to the original artwork, reducing the tendency to overcompensate with increased color saturation, which can occur when using standard white liner products.

Liner Options for all Printing Technologies

We offer a Universal Liner option on all our perforated window film which is suitable for all ink types including UV inkjet.

We also offer Replacement Liner (Contra Vision® Performance™ only) which is optimized for printing on solvent and latex machines.

Replacement liner offers better layflat properties for efficient print production as it avoids the typical 800 linear metres per square metre of moisture-absorbing perforated paper edges of Universal Liner construction.