Bus, tram and train windows can be transformed into lucrative and impactful outdoor adverting space with Contra Vision®. This Out of Home (OOH) medium achieves the highest penetration among passers-by in urban settings, creating an eye-catching mobile billboard commanding attention through movement.

Contra Vision® allows for an eye-catching message to be printed on one side whilst maintaining a clear view out for passengers from the other side. There is also a major benefit to passengers in warmer climates from a reduction in solar heat gain inside the vehicle. The window graphics are easy to print, install and remove after the campaign is completed.

Contra Vision has been recognised as the brand to trust for transit window advertising since we created the world’s first bus wrap in 1991. Our perforated films specially formulated for windows remove the limitation of having advertisements restricted to the body of the vehicles, enabling larger and higher (more visible) adverts.

Today we are designing and constantly improving products to optimise performance specifically for transit applications.  We would be delighted to assist OOH Agencies, Transit Authorities, Printers/Installers with any questions relating to Product specification, Formats/Applications, Regulations and Approvals.


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External transit advertising can be either in the form of graphics, simple text or other visual information. Advertisements can be produced in multiple formats from back graphics to kerbside posters and full wraps.

Be inspired by our latest case studies and explore the various transit formats:


Definitive guide to product specification

Guide To Product Specification

Our range of perforated window films and overlaminates are trusted and specified by leading brands and by major bus and transit advertising companies in North America, Australasia and Europe. We are unmatched in our experience and knowledge of perforated window film.

It is a complex subject and ensuring the right products are used correctly is critical to a successful outcome.

From choosing the right transparency to the benefits of HD. Our definitive guide will help you choose the product most suited for your needs.

Guide to Product Specification

Economic Benefits


Bus advertising is a very attractive media for a wide range of industries because the cost per thousand (CPM) impressions is lower than for static OOH formats, TV, radio, print and even some online channels.

The advertising value of buses can be quadrupled by using one-way vision graphics on bus windows.

  • Advertising space is doubled because windows account for around 50% of the surface area of bus sides and rear.
  • The square foot/metre value of the advertising space doubles when windows are included in the advertising format. This is because the shape of the adverts are less constrained, larger in size and more noticeable to audiences. Also people are conditioned to actively look at windows to see what is on the inside, so adverts are more likely to be recalled.

Environmental benefits of window wrapping

By choosing Contra Vision passengers inside the vehicle not only have a clear view out but the printed one way graphics also offer the added benefit of reducing  uncomfortable glare and solar heat gain, leading to a reduced use of air conditioning and a lower carbon footprint and decreased greenhouse gas emissions.


Regulatory and safety considerations

Contact us for expert help in achieving necessary regulatory approvals and safety information.

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