General Benefits of Retail Graphics (not referring to COVID)

Trying to stand out in a busy retail environment like a main street or a department store is always a challenge, already distracted consumers are so bombarded with messages that they often become immune to the promotions around them.

The best promotions combine creative ideas with a detailed understanding of the mind-set of the consumers and the surrounding environment.

By using one-way vision window film for your retail graphics, you can get creative with your window graphics while maintaining good light levels and see-through vision from within a retail store.

Case Studies Contra Vision have provided Retail graphics for

Commercial Real Estate | Place Bell

Entrance Graphics | Callaway Golf

Retail Promotion | American Express

Retail Graphics | Ann Taylor

Retail Windows | 404 Store Not Found

Retail Windows | The Cycle Shop

Retail Window | Umberto Giannini

Commercial Real Estate | Wembley Park

Suggested Application Ideas

Entrance Doors

Any large entrance area of windows or glass can be transformed into lucrative outdoor advertising space with Contra Vision – why not be the first to stamp your mark on a building?

Foyer Windows for supermarkets

Foyer windows in supermarkets are a great place to put window graphics as the area of glass is usually quite big and many customers will pass them as they walk into the building, so any promotions or important messages are likely to be seen.

Full Retail Window Wrap

Full color window graphics are great for reinforcing a brand or promoting a product or service. The eyes of passers-by are drawn to the advertising and it drives footfall into shops.

Digital Retail Window Graphics

A one-way vision perforated vinyl can be used to surround the screen with window advertising and hide the LED stand from view. It also provides a valuable visual communication space for glass branding and retail graphics while allowing daylight inside.

Using Contra Vision® in retail to communicate information and reduce the spread of COVID-19

There are a number of locations within retail environments where Contra Vision perforated window film is the ideal material to communicate messages on clear surfaces such as windows, entrance doors and hygiene screens. This is critical in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

It is designed to be printed on one side, enabling key health and safety messages to be clearly communicated to members of the public. From the other side it is left unprinted and the perforations in the film allow workers to see straight through the material and have a clear view of customers. This is particularly useful in entrance areas, where the ability to ‘see through’ the posters reduces the chance of people coming into close contact with each other.

Contra Vision® Performance HD™ White on Black, is the best perforated film to use in these closely viewed applications. While standard perforated films can make small text difficult to read, our exclusive HD range of films ensures even the smallest details are still clearly legible. This is thanks to the micro-perforations which are 70% smaller than the typical hole size found in other perforated films.

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