Product name: HD Translucent White Perforated

Translucent white perforated window film enables see-through graphics to be illuminated at night using (back) lighting from inside the window. Now available with our new HD specification with 1mm perforations to deliver a dazzling printed image in high definition.

Product range: Contra Vision® Performance™

Premium range of perforated window films: robust, durable and manufactured to exacting standards. On window lifetime of 3+ years, recommended for longer term and demanding applications such as vehicle and building wraps.

Transparency: HD 40% (60/40)

The standard choice for retail windows with strong image impact and good through-vision from inside stores.

Print technology/Liner: Universal GrayLiner™
Clear liner to be able to see the printed graphics from both sides. Suitable for all print technologies.


Product code: TWPAG40HD

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