Product name: HD Clear Perforated

Clear perforated window film for the production of all inside application see-through graphics. Now available with our new HD specification with 1mm perforations to deliver a dazzling printed image in high definition.

*Please note: To print graphics on Clear Perforated film does require the ability to print white ink. You can read our guide to printing on Clear film here.

From tests, if you are looking to print different graphics to both sides of the film, we would recommend that the HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer is used for the best results.

Product range: Contra Vision® Performance

Premium range of perforated window films: robust, durable and manufactured to exacting standards. On window lifetime of 3+ years, recommended for longer term and demanding applications such as vehicle and building wraps.

Transparency: HD 40% (60/40)

40% transparency is most popular option, with a good balance between image impact and through-vision, making it particularly suitable for vehicle windows and full building wraps.

Print technology/Liner: Universal Liner™

Clear liner to be able to see the printed graphics from both sides. Suitable for all print technologies.

Product code: CLPAC40HD

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