Product name: Ultra Clear PET Removable

An ultra clear unperforated polyester window film. Suitable for UV printing which provides a tough long lasting print suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

CL50YYS is cleanly removable  for up to 12 months and suitable for short-term installations such as seasonal promotions and retail campaigns. Any unprinted areas will preserve glass clarity so there is no need to contour cut around images, making these films ideal for one-piece full window coverage.

Also available with a semi-permanent adhesive (CL50YYR).

Product range: Unperforated

An alternative to perforated window films. This optically clear solid film is ideal for creating stunning graphics which may include floating ‘see-around’ elements which partially block out areas of the window, graduated tones and fine text.

Also suitable for printing our Contra Vision® Impress™ technology, an alternative method of creating one way vision graphics. Please contact us for more information.

Transparency: Clear

Adhesive: Removable

Print technology: UV Printable

Product code: CL50YYS