Contra Vision® offers:

  • instant reduction in solar glare
  • instant reduction in solar heat gain
  • instant reduction in UV absorption and subsequent degradation
  • reduction in air conditioning loads
  • more comfortable working or living environment


There are two main product options:

Self-adhesive film

Contra Vision® Perforated and Non-perforated window films are ideal when retro-fitting to existing glazing. Our comprehensive range of self-adhesive materials delivers an instant reduction in solar glare and heat gain. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, our products can be printed with graphics to support corporate branding or design brief.

Laminated Glass

When Contra Vision® Printed Interlayer is laminated between two sheets of glass, there is an increase in overall protection from solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation. Colour fading and other damage is reduced when protected from UV by Contra Vision® Laminated Glass™ which blocks over 99.5% of UV solar radiation. It is also possible to use low e-glass to further de-crease air conditioning loads.