See-through graphics films applied to the outside of windows give the maximum visual impact. They are the simplest and the most cost effective to produce. However, they are exposed to the elements, including water and dirt, which can impair the see-through performance. This is a particular problem for the holes in Perforated Window Film, which can collect water and dirt. There is also an increased risk of damage and vandalism.

Inside window application provides many benefits including:

  • protection against vandalism, rainwater and street dirt
  • easier installation when it is difficult to access the outside of windows or when outside temperatures would impair the product performance
  • planning or zoning restrictions can often be avoided with inside applications
  • inside window application options are available for all our window film products including Non-perforated window films

 Please note: we do not recommend using inside graphics on tinted glass, as it can dull the impact of the graphics.


Contra Vision® Impress™  is a non-perforated window film with many different design options including inside application.

Contra Vision® Clear Perforated Window Film  is a perforated window film which requires white ink during the printing process. The adhesive can only be used once.

Contra Vision® Sprint™  is an alternative perforated window film which doesn’t require white ink during the printing process. It also has a remarkable adhesive which is re-positional, making it easy to install and also a cost effective way to run advertising intermittently on windows (the same poster can be re-used).