Short-term less than 1 year Contra Vision® Campaign A perforated window film which offers excellent printability and adhesive properties, with an economical face film construction which is ideal for seasonal advertising campaigns.
Medium-term Contra Vision® Performance A perforated window film offering the highest quality face film construction with an expected life of 2-3 years (depending on the weather and situation)
  Contra Vision® Non-perforated window films Both Contra Vision® Impress™ and Contra Vision® XR™ are available on polyester (PET) films and are more durable than perforated films. They have an expected life of 2-7 years depending on the film used and situation.
Permanent Contra Vision® Architectural Glass We are offer 2 architectural glass products which give permanency to see-through graphics. Contra Vision® Laminated Glass is constructed with a printed Contra Vision® Interlayer™ laminated between two pieces of glass. Contra Vision® Toughened Glass is formed by printing see-through graphics directly onto the glass.