Design OptionsDescription
White on black All Products A plain white on black design is suitable for privacy, solar heat and glare reduction or as a canvas for projections from the front. We also offer a translucent white film which allows digital projections from inside. 
Colour or black All Products Convert a window into coloured glass to enhance a building. Brighter colours are better at reflecting light and will achieve the greatest privacy.
One-sided Graphic All Products An image is visible from one side of a window but not the other, which remains see-through. Select a transparency level of 20-30% to achieve the greatest impact.
Two-sided Graphic Contra Vision® Impress Our non-perforated window films can also allow different graphics to be printed on each side which are not seen from the other. This can be used to achieve a "right sided" image on both sides of a window, e.g. lettering which spells out the name of a company.
Selective Blocking Contra Vision® Impress Intersperse areas of see-through graphics with printed areas of “solid” graphics, e.g. to include a QR code, barcode, logo or detailed lettering on part of an advertising sign.