Want 24/7 impact from a see-through graphic that doesn’t disappear at night? You need Contra Vision® BACKLITE™.

Conventional white on black technology provides excellent one-way performance during the daytime, with a strong image seen from one side and the other side being see-through. However, during the hours of darkness, conventional see-through graphics suffer from ‘burn-through’ where the lights inside a building or vehicle sometimes reduce and may eliminate the impact of the graphics.

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ graphics are ideal for use on the windows of offices and retail outlets which operate or are lit during the hours of darkness. The technology works by using existing store/office lighting to ‘back-light’ the graphics when it’s dark outside. This increases the advertising impact without increasing the energy consumption of the store. Alternatively if you’re looking for a way to make your adverts really ‘pop’, you can direct spotlights onto the inside of the graphic.

With Contra Vision® BACKLITE™, a “ghost” reverse image of the print can be seen from the inside, although viewers will concentrate on the dominant outside view and not the ghost image.