Privacy Window Films: Trade

Contra Vision®, the leader in one-way vision technology since 1985, has recently expanded their range of ready to install privacy window films. We offer a variety of product options of architectural quality, including white perforated and mirrored window films for one-way vision privacy and frosted films for two-way privacy.

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Product Range

Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films™ offers a range of solutions to suit different applications. Our products provide key benefits such as privacy and the maintenance of a clear view out. At the same time, our privacy window films ensure solar/heat control and help reducing bird collision.

Contra Vision products are renowned for their quality which results in excellent durability and easy installation/removal.
Should you need it, we can also help you to choose the right product for your project.

We offer three main types of window films, perforated white, mirrored and frosted. Our perforated white products come in a wide range of specifications.


White Perforated

White on the outside and offering one-way vision privacy to people inside.



Reflective window film from outside, blue tint see-through from inside.



Frosted on both sides, perfect for applications where strong double-sided privacy is required.

Summary Table – Please click on the Product Code for full details
 Product CategoryProduct NameProduct CodeInside ViewInstallationNight Privacy
White PerforatedWhite One-Way Daytime PrivacyHD White on BlackWBPAG40HDMicro 40%OutsideNo
HD Black on WhiteBWPRW40HDMicro 40%InsideNo
White on BlackWBPRG30Regular 30%OutsideNo
White 24/7 Concealed VisionHD Translucent WhiteTWPAG40HDMicro 40%In/OutSome(*)
Translucent WhiteTWPAG30Regular 30%In/OutSome(*)
MirroredMirrored One-Way Daytime PrivacyMirrorRT75CYTint (non-reflective)InsideNo
FrostedFrosted Two-Way 24/7 PrivacyFrostedCER100NoneIn/OutYes

*with the right lighting conditions

Something a bit different – Contra Vision® Switchable

Switchable offers instant (less than 1 second switch time) privacy, transitioning from transparent to opaque, at a press of a button. It is available as a window film product to enhance existing glass installations.

Contra Vision® Switchable must be professionally installed and is made to measure. Visit the product page for more information and contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.