White One Way Vision Privacy Window Film

Contra Vision one-way privacy window film

Our film offers homes and workplaces a clean, modern and elegant look. If applied from inside a property, it allows the glass to pick up external colors and textures, with a subtle white background similar to traditional blinds or shades. If applied on the outside of the glass the white color is more pronounced with no visible reflections.

From inside the one-way vision through the window is excellent, with micro-perforations in the film allowing abundant light into living spaces. The tiny holes are nearly a third of the size of conventional perforated films used for window graphics, providing a vastly superior look and texture comparable with mirrored or frosted films.

It is ideal for people who care about their privacy but at the same time want to keep their environments stylish and bright.

A superior, modern solution for window privacy

When people think of one-way vision privacy, they often think of traditional metallic, mirrored films. In today’s modern homes and workplaces, mirrored film is being replaced with perforated film which offers a clear view out, both during the day and at night. It is very easy to apply using a dry application method. The perforations in the film means that air bubbles are a thing of the past!

We even offer a solution which can provide some privacy at night (White 24/7 Concealed Vision), but just like with mirrored window film, blinds or curtains are needed to maintain full privacy.

If you want a stylish privacy film that is super-easy to apply, then our range of micro-perforated, white window films is ideal.

Window privacy for cottage windows
Contra Vision privacy window film for home

Why choose Contra Vision versus mirrored or frosted films?

  1. 40% of daylight allowed into rooms, which is far superior to mirrored films. Frosted films allow no view out
  2. Our White 24/7 product (TWPAG) offers some privacy at night but blinds or curtains are still required for total privacy
  3. Unlike standard mirror films, there are no ghostly internal reflections at night with our white perforated films or our next generation mirror film RT75CY
  4. Eliminate bird strikes which are a particular problem with mirrored film
  5. Minimise glare and heat damage from sun reflections; protect gardens, artificial turf and plastic cladding from melting
Window covering film for privacy at home
  • White privacy window film with view out
  • White one way privacy window film
White Micro PerforatedFrostedMirrored
1. Clear view out during daytime
2. Privacy offered at night
3. Clear view out at night
4. Prevents bird strikes
5. No external heat / glare reflections
Privacy during daytime
Reduces solar heat gain inside rooms
Refined and soft modern look
Easy to install without water

White One-Way

Privacy Window Film at home

White 24/7

Translucent Outside View


Reflective window film for privacy


Contra Vision Frosted Film For Privacy
Summary Table

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Application Ideas

From Internal partitions to doors and feature windows, we have a range of Privacy Window Films to suit a variety of applications.

Product CategoryProductProduct CodeApplied (Inside / Outside)DurabilityFinish (Perforation)View (External)View (Internal)
White One-Way Daytime PrivacyHD (High Definition) White on BlackWBPAG40HDOutside3 years +Micro 40% PerforatedWhite (daytime)See-through
White One-Way Daytime PrivacyHD (High Definition) Black on WhiteBWPRG40HDInside3 years +Micro 40% PerforatedWhite (daytime)See-through
White One-Way Daytime PrivacyWhite on BlackWBPRG30Outside3 years +30% PerforatedWhite (daytime)See-through
White 24/7 Concealed VisionHD (High Definition) Translucent WhiteTWPAG40HDInside / Outside3 years +Micro 40% PerforatedWhite (day / night)Translucent see-through
White 24/7 Concealed VisionTranslucent WhiteTWPAG30Inside / Outside3 years +30% PerforatedWhite (day / night)Translucent see-through
Mirrored One-Way Daytime PrivacyMirrorRT75CYInside10 yearsSolid MirrorMirrorBlue tint see-through, day and night
Frosted Two-Way 24/7 PrivacyFrostedCER100Inside / Outside1 year +Solid FrostedNoneNone

Something a bit different…

Contra Vision® Switchable

Switchable offers instant (less than 1 second switch time) privacy, transitioning from transparent to opaque, at a press of a button. It is available as a window film product to enhance existing glass installations.

Contra Vision® Switchable must be professionally installed and is made to measure. Visit the product page for more information and contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements*.

*UK only, coming soon to the US

  • Contra Vision Switchable Glass for Privacy switched off
  • Contra Vision Switchable Glass for Privacy switched on