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How does Switchable Film work?

Contra Vision® Switchable Smart Film offers instant (less than 1 second) privacy, transitioning from transparent to opaque vinyl at a press of a button.

It works by applying a small electric current to a liquid crystal center, which causes the liquid crystals to align in such a way that when switched on, light is able to pass through the glass, and thus gives clear through-vision form both inside and outside.

When the glass is switched off, the liquid crystal layer is no longer aligned, making the glass look just like opaque vinyl to provide privacy when you need it, both internally and externally, or for decorative purposes.

Contra Vision Switchable has a self-adhesive cling layer on one side and is dry applied so it can be retrofitted to existing glass, or transparent surfaces with ease. It is also very easy to maintain and clean by using low pressure compressed air, and a soft bristled cleaning/dusting brush. Soft IPA wipes can also be used.

For further information, please contact Protective Film Solutions®, Contra Vision® Switchable Exclusive Distributor and Installer in UK and Ireland.

This product is currently not available outside the UK. Please contact us to receive updates.


Contra Vision Switchable, when opaque (switched off), provides a white surface perfect for projecting. This could be used for functional purposes, such as presentations, advertising, or displaying videos and games, or for more decorative purposes.