Privacy at Home | Case Study

The Client
Private Country home in Cheshire, UK

The Challenge

A private householder who owned a barn conversion in the Cheshire countryside approached Contra Vision® looking for a solution to their privacy issues, as the property was overlooked by a well-used public footpath.

While they wanted a solution that would provide window privacy to downstairs living accommodation as this is overlooked by walkers using the path, they also wished to maintain light levels and the view out. Another key factor was that the material used did not detract from the rustic charm of the building.

The Solution

After consultation with Contra Vision personnel, White on Black in the Regular 30% transparency was applied externally to downstairs windows.

From the outside the windows appear white, while from inside clear view out is maintained.

Contra Vision provided a solution which met several additional needs. The client had considered using reflective window film but that would not have been in keeping with the rustic nature of the property and would prove dangerous to the abundant birdlife in the area. Contra Vision offered the most aesthetic and environmentally friendly answer to these issues.

The perforated window film installation took under two hours. The installation will have a lifespan of 3 years and will be easy to remove and replace when required.

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