How does Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film™ work?

How does Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film™ work?

White Privacy Window Film view from outsideWhite Privacy Window Film view from inside

One-Way Vision

A Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film™ is typically 30-40% transparent. If you are standing outside the window it appears white and blocks the view into buildings during the daytime. This is because the eye is drawn to the white material which reflects more light than passes through window from the darker interior.

From the inside, the tiny perforations in the one-way window film allow daylight into the room. This outside light dominates your eye’s attention rather than the perforated material which is colored black on the inside to make it less noticeable.

The Importance of Lighting

One-way privacy window films only work with the right lighting conditions. There needs to be more light on the outside (white side) to prevent the material from being see-through. This is normally the case during the daytime. If the inside is brighter at night then the view into the building is not going to be shielded.

If you are looking for both day and night one-way vision privacy then you might consider Contra Vision® White 24/7 Concealed Vision™. This product requires diffused lighting inside the building at night to partially obscure the view inside. However, blinds or curtains would normally be needed to achieve complete privacy.