Privacy Window Film FAQs

Contra Vision® offers a choice of one-way vision products: White One-Way Daytime Privacy, White 24/7 Concealed Vision and Mirror films. These products offer one-way vision privacy during daylight hours. Blinds or curtains are still needed at night.

One-way privacy window films do not work at night. In particular, people will be able to see inside if the room is illuminated. If you are looking for a one-way window film that works at night, you could try Contra Vision® White 24/7 Concealed Vision™. This creates a similar one-way vision effect as net curtains during daytime. At night time, the window film is partially illuminated by the light from inside and this helps to obscure the view. However, the positioning of lighting inside is important. The more diffuse, the better. Curtains and blinds are still needed if you want strong privacy. If you need strong 24/7 privacy, you need a frosted or stained glass product which also block the view for people inside the room.

The objective is to have as much light as possible shining onto the window film from the inside. The window film is translucent and will glow slightly when light passes through it, which helps to obscure the view through the window. Ideally the light sources should not be directly behind the window to maximize the effect – e.g. light bulbs should be covered with shades to prevent point sources of light from being outside the field of vision. Night time privacy is improved by shining spot or flood lights from the side or below the window – see image below.

Translucent White Lights Direction

The sheets are available in standard sizes and we do not offer a “made to measure” service.

Most of the products can be applied to the inside of windows. Many of the products can also be applied to the outside of windows if you want the product to be more strongly visible from outside. One exception is the Mirror product which can only be applied to the inside surface of a window.

Perforated window films are very easy to install. Most people can do this. However, it is slightly more challenging to install non-perforated window films. With proper preparation, it is not difficult.

There are professional window film installers in most areas. Try looking on Google using a search term such as “window tinting near me”. Be warned – the cost to install the film is likely to be greater than the cost of the film itself!

Self-adhesive Contra Vision products can be removed from glass and other transparent substrates without traces of adhesive remaining when the products have been applied as recommended and removed within the time specified. If any adhesive does remain, it can be removed using proprietary cleaning products available in DIY stores such as B&Q/Home Depot or online.

One such product is De-Solv-it ‘Sticky Stuff’ Glue Remover. Use the product as directed paying particular attention with washing the window or panel after adhesive has been removed.

If it’s not possible to obtain a proprietary adhesive removal product, furniture polishes containing silicone, sprayed thickly on the remaining adhesive, will allow the residue to be scraped off after about ten minutes. Wash the window with soap and warm water after the residue is removed. Mr Sheen works well.

Please observe all precautionary advice and dispose of wipes and scrapers as required by local waste handling regulations and recommendations.

The prices of each product and size are available via our online shop. Click on the size you need, and the price is updated above this.

We only accept orders online. We do not have the facilities to accept payments over the phone.

One-way privacy window films will only give you privacy during daylight hours. Two-way privacy products such as Frosted and Stained Glass Harlequin or Geometric will give you 24/7 privacy. However, they also block the view from inside.

A good way to do this is to create a scale drawing of your window either on paper or on the computer. You can then create a scale “cut-out” of the window film sheet and test how many of these you need to cover the entire window area.

We offer a range of privacy window film products. Some of the one-way privacy window films are perforated (with holes) to allow good see-through. Contra Vision® Mirror™ is non-perforated if this is preferred.

Contra Vision perforated window films offer around 70% UV protection, which depends slightly on the time of the year and the positioning of the sun. Our non-perforated products offer over 99% UV reduction.

Yes, it will reduce the heat inside buildings on warm days and help to reduce air conditioning costs. On winter days it will also make the room cooler but not by much (the sun does not have as much impact during winter months).

Each product has a different expected lifetime. A perforated product on the outside of a window has a 3-year recommended lifetime. Products on the inside of the window will last longer.

One-way vision privacy window films can be used on side and rear windows of cars. A car wrap should never be done on front windows! If you plan to use the product on a car window then we advise you to state this when ordering so we can ensure you get the right product.