Transit Vehicle Graphics Installation & Printing

Contra Vision® is the world’s leading manufacturer and specialist of perforated window films for printing one-way vision graphics to be used on transit advertising.

Our range of white on black perforated window films and overlaminates are trusted and specified by leading world class brands and by the major bus and transit advertising operations in North America, Australasia and Europe.

Project Lifetime Value

Contra Vision Project Lifetime Value

Deciding which brand of perforated window film to purchase to create the very best window graphics, is an important one. Using the cheapest material can result in expensive-to-fix problems but all to often specifiers can be tempted into buying the lowest price material available in order to save money. This initial benefit is short lived.

Contra Vision’s Project Lifetime Value explains how our products deliver real cost savings across the duration of the project and customers can save up to 25% on overall project costs.

We asked printers to share the cost breakdown of their window graphics projects and on average just 21% of the total cost of printing, application and removal is accounted for by the Perforated Window Film itself. Buy the wrong window perf and your costs for printing, installation and removal can easily double.

Definitive guide to product specification

We are unmatched in our experience and knowledge of perforated window film.

It is a complex subject and ensuring the right products are used correctly is critical to a successful outcome.

From choosing the right transparency to the benefits of HD. Our definitive guide will help you choose the product most suited for your needs.

Liner options and roll widths

Graphics printed on perforated window film with a white liner tend to look faded compared to those printed on solid vinyl because as much as 50 percent of the film has been removed. To compensate for this our unique patented Contra Vision® Grayliner™ creates a realistic background to show how the printed image will really look on a window.

It is available in 2 versions starting from 10metres/30 feet long and both 1.37m/54″ and 1.52m/60″ widths:

Replacement Liner: For optimal lay flat printing for efficient production suitable, for solvent and latex printers.

Universal Liner: Suitable for all printing technologies, including UV inkjet.

Perforated Image Previewer

Perforated Image Previewer

PIP is our innovative tool that has been developed to allow you to get a better idea of how your see-through graphics will look once printed. It allows you to select the product that best fits your needs, helps you ensure any type size is large enough to be read and that any detail has the impact you are looking for.

How to buy

Our unrivaled range of perforated window films are available to buy from our global network of highly knowledgeable, customer focused distributors.

Please contact us for pricing options including retrospective volume discounts

All our popular products and sizes are available from our online shop (US Only).