Video Hub – Technical

The Technical Video Hub is your go-to resource for informative videos on subjects such as installing Contra Vision perforated window film and how the product works.

Looking for inspiration? On our Inspirational Video Hub you can find time lapse building wraps and ‘ask the expert’ Q&As.

Installation and removal

Outside Application – Contra Vision® Performance™

Inside Application – Contra Vision® Performance™

Removing Contra Vision® Performance™

Installing Contra Vision® Campaign™ Perforated Window Film at The Wilson Gallery

How it works

How does Contra Vision Perforated Window Film work?

See-through graphics: How do they work?

See-through graphics: How do they work?

How do Contra Vision see-through graphics work?

Switchable Film Rear Projection Screen

Contra Vision® Switchable Glass

Using glass to increase promotional messages