Create: Our Guide to Transparencies

See-through window graphics can be produced with different levels of transparency, giving different degrees of image strength, privacy, and through-vision. There is a trade-off between image strength and through-vision from the other side. Image strength decreases as the transparency (through vision) is increased. The degree of privacy and through-vision will also vary with the light levels on either side of a window.

The Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film range has the widest number of transparency options. There is a transparency option suitable for all locations, from the bus window where through-vision is of prime importance, to the window of a vacant retail unit where maximum image impact is required.

Other factors will determine the impact of see-through window graphics. The use of striking images with bright, contrasting colors will increase visual impact and privacy within a vehicle or building. One-way see-through graphics are only effective where there is more light on the outside (image side) than on the inside (black side). Backlit see-through graphics offer a solution if light levels are reversed, for example during the hours of darkness.

Please note that some countries, states or local authorities have laws or regulations specifying the level of transparency to be used on vehicle wraps.

80 20 transparency

20% (80/20) Transparency

20% Transparency material gives maximum vibrancy to the printed image, maximum privacy and maximum protection from solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation. The level of through-vision is still acceptable for most static applications, particularly with full window coverage.

70 30 transparency

30% (70/30) Transparency

30% Transparency material is the standard choice for retail windows with strong image impact and good through-vision.

80 20 transparency

40% (60/40) Transparency

40% Transparency material is the most popular option, with a good balance between image impact and through-vision, making it particularly suitable for vehicle windows and full building wraps.

50 50 Transparency

50% (50/50) Transparency

50% Transparency material is sometimes specified for use on vehicle windows and other locations where maximum through-vision is required, although image impact is reduced.