See-through graphics for successful crowd management

Now more than ever, bold and impactful messaging that can be seen through from the other side, is imperative for crowd management and safety related messages on windows, doors and safety barriers. Contra Vision perforated vinyl film is the clear choice to ensure your messages can be seen and seen through!

Clear see through from the other side

The view from the back side of the messaging will be clear, allowing people and workers to see everything that is happening on the other side. The perforated film also allows light in, so building interiors remain light and bright.

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Directional Barrier 01

Clearly highlight safe entry points with bold and impactful messaging!

Contra Vision perforated window film allows you to communicate clearly with your customers. Present the latest safety information in a clear and striking manner before they enter while they are passing through your premises.

Crewe Train Station Front Entrance (Original)Crewe Train Station Front Entrance (Visual)
Crewe Train Station Back Entrance (Dark)

Easy, quick and clean removal

If you need to change the graphics due to changes in government guidance, Contra Vision is quick and easy to remove due to the specialized formulation of the adhesive.