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Technical Hub

Only Contra Vision® offers ‘Project Lifetime Value’ – the five key stages of any successful project.

As the inventors and only company specializing in one-way vision window graphics, we have formulated products with innovative and unique features which deliver cost savings at every stage in the project lifetime. Bookmark this page, our Technical Hub, as an essential reference point for all your questions. You will find everything you need on the links below. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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View and Download our Technical Datasheets

Achieve your vision


We have a huge range of videos to help you see how Contra Vision works, how it is printed, fitted and removed. Click here to see them all…

Get the lighting right for the best one-way vision window graphics. Click here…

Choose the right balance of image strength/privacy and inside see-through quality. Click here…

A few different ideas on how to design interesting and impactful  graphics. Click here…

See how your graphics will look when they are perforated. Click here…

Right first time


Find and download a product datasheet. Click here…

We offer 2 liner options depending on the print technology being used. Click here…

Instructions for creating inside applied window graphics. Click here…



Videos show how to install printed perforated vinyl. Click here.

Advice on installing perforated vinyl onto windows in cold conditions. Click here.

Advice on how to print and back light Contra Vision® Translucent White™. Click here.

On window:
Peace of mind

On Window

Advice on how to clean perforated vinyl on a window. Click here.

View USA, UK and European fire certification reports. Click here.

Understand the risks of thermal stress fracture of glass and how to mitigate. Click here.

Perforated Window Film helps to reduce solar heat gain in buildings and reduces air conditioning load. Learn more.

Estimated performance data for unprinted perforated window film at different transparencies. Click here.

Quick and clean


View our video on how to remove perforated vinyl from windows. Click here.

Did you know that both perforated vinyl and our release liner can be recycled? Click here.

plus Dos and Don’ts


For a list of frequently asked questions, click here…

For useful reminders of what you should and should not do, to ensure perfect results, click here…

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