Perforated Window Film For Printing

Contra Vision is the world’s leading manufacturer and specialist of perforated window films for printing one-way vision graphics.

  • Transform building, retail and transit windows into valuable media space using perforated vinyl graphics, while also offering one-way privacy, solar shading and maintaining excellent see-through from inside the glass.
  • Every window is different, so we offer an unrivaled range of perforated window films to guarantee the best results. Talk to us about our five transparency options, solutions for short or long-term, inside applied, night-time graphics and more.
  • Our REACH compliant ‘window perf’ includes innovative features which deliver cost savings and Project Lifetime Value. We are trusted and specified by leading world class brands and by the major bus and transit advertising operations.
  • Our invention started the one-way vision graphics industry. Our team of dedicated specialists, who “live and breathe window perf”, are ready to support you and help expand your large format print business.

Perforated vinyl window film is a large format print substrate, typically white on the front side and black on the reverse side, for creating one-way vision graphics. The graphics make a striking impression on the outside of a window but from inside the perforations maintain the window’s see-through.

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Unrivaled Range of Perforated Window Films for Printing

Contra Vision® offers two ranges of perforated window film – compare here.


Signature range manufactured to exacting standards to give a robust and durable product formulation,  excellent printability and quick & clean removal.


Great for short-term promotions. High quality features at very competitive prices, making it the market leader for this product category.

Choose from five different transparency options to achieve your desired balance of image strength and see-through.

Transparency Guide
  • A Universal Liner product for all print technologies including UV inkjet.
  • Patented Replacement Liner option for optimal printing on Solvent and Latex machines.
  • Both available with our unique Contra Vision® Grayliner™ to help get the on window colors right.
  • Wide selection of roll widths and lengths to suit every job.

NEW! Internally Applied HD Window Film

When you want your see-through window graphics to stand out from the crowd, make sure you use Contra Vision® Performance HD™. The world’s first High Definition perforated vinyl film, offering the sharpest ever images and the smoothest see through. We have now launched a version with a clear facefilm for inside applied window perf.

See our HD section
Contra Vision Performance HD White On Black

The Best Value Perforated Window Films

Learn how our perforated vinyl products deliver cost savings and added value across every stage in a project, from create and print to removal.

Contra Vision Perforated Window Films for printing deliver real value across the entire project lifetime, saving customers up to 25% on total costs.

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