Contra Vision® ImpressTM

Contra Vision® Impress™ is our patented method for digitally printing one-way vision and see-through window graphics onto clear non-perforated materials such as window film. The method can be used on most large format digital printing machines and provides many creative design options as an alternative to conventional perforated window films.



Conventional one-way vision window graphics are produced using an adhesive perforated window film which is white on one side and black on the other. Graphics (an image) are printed on the white side and the one-way window film is then applied to glass, often with a transparent overlaminate covering to protect the holes from getting blocked with rainwater and dirt (in situations where this is a problem).

One-way vision graphics can also be produced by printing layers of black, white and the image onto a transparent substrate in a print pattern, leaving areas of see-through around the printed areas. The print pattern can replicate the common perforated pattern but lines, dots and hexagons are also possible depending on the accuracy of the printing technology.

Contra Vision® Overlap Registration System

The challenge with this approach is printing the different layers with as little overlap as possible and in a way which achieves the best looking one-way vision effect (there is no overlap with perforated window film and the one-way vision performance is excellent when using a Contra Vision branded product). Contra Vision® Impress™ is produced using a patented methodolgy which controls registration errors (overlap) and minimises their visual impact. We recommend a line pattern in most cases because it allows greatest tolerance for registration errors.

Key benefits for the end customer:

  • Greater durability of non-perforated substrates
  • Avoid the need to put overlaminate film over the print which saves money
  • More design options including “double-sided” images (a different image can be seen from each side) and “selective blocking” (areas of solid graphics/no see-through for fine print, a logo or QR code)
  • Flexibility to achieve the perfect balance of image strength and see-through by varying the print pattern to suit each situation.

Key benefits for the printer:

  • A new range of products is achievable using existing hardware
  • A variety of different vision control effects (one-way vision, Contra Vision® Backlite™, Contra Vision® Inside Application™) can be achieved with just one substrate, without the need to stockpile several varieties of perforated window film

Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films are still the recommended solution in many situations because they are easier and quicker to produce, they do not require white ink and the one-way vision quality can be better.


How to source

We work alongside a number of licensed print partners to produce Contra Vision® Impress™. We also provide help with product specification including advice on how to get the best out of your artwork. Please contact us if you would like more information.

How to print

The secret with Contra Vision® Impress™ is being able to print layers of ink lines on top of each other with minimum overlap, using our patented Overlap Registration System™. To register your interest, obtain know-how and to register projects, please visit our licensing site.