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Perforated Film Cleaning Instructions

Perforated self-adhesive films are used for one-way vision graphics on windows and for privacy applications. The perforations typically have a diameter of around 1.5mm and allow through vision from inside a building or vehicle. However, dirt can accumulate in the holes which spoils and blocks the through vision effect.

The problem can be prevented by applying an unperforated overlaminate film to the perforated window film. The downside is that this adds extra cost and the see-through from inside is not as good.

The following techniques described are practical recommendations on how to clean Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films to keep them looking their best. However, we would not recommend any cleaning of Contra Vision Perforated Window Films within 24 hours of applying the window perf.

Cleaning instructions for perforated film without an overlaminate
  1. Mix a solution of mild soap and sufficient water to produce plenty of suds.
  2. Apply the solution sparingly using a lint-free cloth, trying not to saturate the holes with water which may leave a residue when dried out.
  3. Gently wipe the perforated film to remove dirt and grease, watching carefully that ink does not transfer to the cloth if the film is printed.
  4. For any areas of stubborn dirt trapped in holes, apply more solution and use a soft bristled brush to loosen the dirt.
  5. When satisfied that the dirt in the holes is softened, wash off the suds with plenty of clean water, again using the soft bristled brush to ensure that softened dirt is removed from the holes. Rinse completely.
  6. Leave the excess water to evaporate.

A Vacuum Squeegee can also be used as part of steps 4 and 5 to remove the loosened dirt and excess liquid. We recommend the Karcher WV5, or similar, which is widely available from DIY outlets.

General information and precautions

Take care if you are working at height. Refer to relevant health and safety measures. Wear suitable personal protection measures such as safety glasses and gloves.

Do not use solvents or solvent based preparations. Avoid any abrasive cleaning materials. Dispose of packaging considerately and check local statutes regarding the use of cleaning materials and disposal of contaminated water. We do not recommend the use of power washing equipment as powerful water jets can damage any overlaminate and cause the adhered graphic to fail.

Incorrect cleaning may lead to premature failure of the applied material. In particular, since all perforated window films are especially vulnerable to damage along the edges and corners, if the graphics are not edge sealed, please take extra care when cleaning these areas. When cleaning printed graphics that have not been overlaminated, please consult your ink manufacturer for guidance or conduct a test prior to cleaning.

Cleaning Contra Vison Window Perf

Spray cleaners and automated vehicle washing equipment can be used. However, aggressive washing can damage printed graphics. Care must be taken:

  • to ensure that the cleaning products do not affect the inks
  • that the spray is not directed at the edges of the material at an angle that can cause the edge to lift or curl off the glass
  • to advise the customer that the abrasion used by the brushes used in automated washing equipment will over time cause some scratching and fading of the graphic
  • avoid using powerful jet washing equipment if the material is overlaminated – the pressure can puncture the material in the unperforated areas. Care is also needed at the top of perforated graphics even when they are not laminated.