Print Profile Library: Now Live!

Contra Vision® perforated window films deliver premium quality results with today’s inkjet printers and ink-species. To improve quality and ease of operation still further, we are crafting a series of specialised profiles created with the unique printing characteristics and performance-enhancing features of our perforated materials in mind.

We’re pleased to announce that a new PRINT PROFILE LIBRARY is now available.

Print profiles for contra vision perforated window film

Our first profile range release is for HP Latex printers and here are some ways you can get them:

  • Contra Vision Profile Library

Follow this link to access our Print Profile Library and then search or filter to find the profiles you require. Please note you’ll be required to register and we’ll notify you when more profiles are added to the library or existing profiles are updated.

  • Online Search Function

In the online search function of your internet-connected HP printer simply search for ‘Contra Vision’ and select the profiles you need from those displayed. Please ensure your printer’s firmware is up-to-date.

  • HP Media Locator

You can also navigate to the HP media-locator and find Contra Vision profiles there.

If you’re using a printer other than an HP Latex you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ll be releasing further profiles soon. Register and we’ll let you know when our enhanced profiles for Contra Vision® perforated materials are available.

Pending release, visit our Technical Hub for advice that will help you achieve class-leading results using your printer and Contra Vision® perforated materials today.

If you’d like to see and experience the superior results you can achieve with Contra Vision® perforated films, request a product sample pack below.