There is now more traffic on many UK roads than before the pandemic began thanks to relaxations in COVID restrictions and pent up travel demands. How has this impacted OOH advertising?

This surge in road users means that many popular OOH advertising methods such as billboards and wrap advertising on buildings, bridges, bus shelters and vehicles will be getting more eyeballs on them than ever before. We’ve put together a complete outdoor advertising glossary in light of this.

In turn, this has led to a 36% increase in UK Google searches for the term ‘ooh advertising’ as businesses big and small are considering re-investing in traditional offline advertising types to capitalise on the increase in traffic and footfall on UK roads and streets.

After analysing the data, Contra Vision experts found that there were also big increases in searches for specific OOH advertising types such as ‘bus wrap’ (+100%) & ‘transit advertising’ (+38%) which suggests companies are looking at more diverse ways of OOH advertising rather than just static billboards.

Tiffany Beckett, Marketing Manager at Contra Vision® commented: “Now that the world is opening up once more following the lockdown, the general public are filling up roads, towns and city centres again; especially as the festive season approaches. Now is the best time to explore OOH advertising as an avenue to get your message out to an audience that previously could only be reached through digital advertising.

So, how have these unique circumstances shaped out of home advertisements in 2021? And what is in store for 2022? We’ve put together a full article on the OOH advertising trends in 2021 and beyond, check it out.

Looking for unique OOH advertising campaigns to take advantage of this traffic boom? Then visit the 100 applications of Contra Vision page and let yourself be inspired.

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