Nobody puts our Accountants Team in the corner – it’s International Accounting Day!

Today is International Accounting Day and to celebrate our dedicated team of number crunchers, we wanted you to learn a bit more about them and they’re here to clear up any misconceptions you may have about accountants. So without further ado, here are some words from Sue, Phil and Liz.

The accounting function has interactions across almost every part of an organization, this could include making sure income from sales is collected, suppliers and staff have been paid accurately and on time or helping to set budgets and review financial performance.

“When we’re not carrying watermelons or dancing the cha-cha-cha around the office, we making sure everyone puts their expenses in on time or guess what? We’re putting them in the corner!” – Sue Morrey, Accounts Manager

Because we speak with people across the whole organization, we need to be able to communicate effectively and at an appropriate level, recognizing that not everyone enjoys working with numbers. We also need to have a good eye for detail as issues around money can become emotive quite quickly, especially when it concerns people’s pay. Making sure we get things right first time is important for trust in the accounts team. Phil in particular knows when to play softball and when to play hardball.

“This year, our Accounts Team have been entrusted with the most important event on the calendar; organizing our annual Christmas party. With us on the job you know it will be well planned, with a spreadsheet or two involved and all within ‘OUR’ budget so it is sure to be a rager.” – Sue Morrey, Accounts Manager

There can be a perception of accountants that they prefer to hide away in the back and just crunch the numbers in peace, but we have found that this doesn’t always get the best outcomes and find that working collaboratively with colleagues gets much better results.  This generates a better understanding in the finance team of how the operational aspects of the organization work, which in turn allows the finance team to more readily identify when the numbers throw up something that looks unusual.  This can be a delicate dance but luckily, our resident Tap Dancer, Sue, knows how to wing it well.

Sue has been dancing all her life.

“I strongly believe that beyond the more obvious numbers side of things, the accounting function can play an important part in innovation within an organization, particularly in respect of internal management innovation. It has access to a large amount of data that can be used to help with decision making and having interactions with departments across the business means that it provides a unique opportunity to identify process improvements throughout the organization. Being able to work innovatively is something that I particularly enjoy and the close-knit nature of the team at Contra Vision gives me the perfect collaborative environment to do this in.”  Philip Kirby, Financial Controller

Between the three of us we have over 70 years of finance experience and almost 10 of those years have been spent as part of the Contra Vision family. Together we look forward to taking on any challenges the day may bring because we know we have the skills to show up for our customers and our colleagues. Although we have the Time of our Lives at work, we look forward to getting home to our families (and our dogs), at the end of the day.

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Photo by David Grice.