Nick Rigg and Martin van Golen’s European Road Trip

I recently took a trip to Holland and spent a couple of days with our European Sales Manager, Martin van Golen visiting a few of his customers. Due to circumstances everyone is aware of, trips like this haven’t been possible in recent years. In May 2022, we were able to meet up for FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin, which was a great opportunity to chat with our European customers but unfortunately there wasn’t much time to talk in detail with colleagues.

First on the list was Netherlands based printer, PPP Nederland who have done numerous installations using Contra Vision material. Most recently they printed a series of transit graphics for De Museumfabriek which is a museum in Enschede, in the Netherlands. I met with the Director and Owner of PPP, Rogier Schrijer and we discussed how we can make a difference with the materials we use and where they end up after they have been utilized.

Rogier is a keen sustainability advocate and has developed his own relationships with a recycling company in the Netherlands, where he sends off-cuts and liners to be reconstituted as additives in cement. He is doing what he can to share this with the FESPA network in the country, to enable other printers to make use of this facility.

He was interested to hear about the LCA model we had done to promote the energy saving benefits of using Contra Vision on vehicles and he plans to use this data to encourage transit wrapping in Dutch cities. It was great to meet someone who is not only passionate about the way he runs his business but also about green initiatives, investment in new printers and techniques to keep his business growing and at the forefront of the industry.

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The next person we met with was Coenraad Weustink, Commercial Manager at Tripa BV who are the main distributor of Contra Vision material in the Netherlands. After a very warm welcome we chatted about some of the new products we were looking at and again the topic of sustainability came up. Both sides have noticed how customers are more interested in the green angle of products but there is still some way to go for all manufacturers to meet that demand. I was impressed with the great equipment Tripa provide, they have a with a range of printers for testing media, a new training room and a fantastic space for winding down media for customers who only need a meter or two of material.

Finally, we had a long drive down to Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium to visit our distributor Vink and spend the day with their Business Unit Manager, Herman Lintermans. As well as supplying Contra Vision material to the Belgium market, they cover a wide range of industries and products, and engineer a number of their own products and solutions on site.

As is the case with all our distributors around the world, they support the local printers in using Contra Vision so that afternoon we visited one such customer, XL Reklame. They have built an amazing vehicle wrapping business and use Contra Vision on the vehicle windows. It was great to meet end-users and hear about how they use our product. I was also able to pass on some advice to them regarding printing to give them the best and most consistent method. With Herman we also discussed new products coming through the pipeline and how best we can test new products in the market.

Overall, it was such an enjoyable trip and extremely informative, being able to get out of the office and meet contacts on a one-to-one basis always provides a great opportunity for knowledge growth and the chance to share ideas for the future. A big thank you to everyone who gave me their time during my visits and to my colleague, Martin for the introductions and the chauffeur service.

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