Lighting is a determining factor to the overall impact of see-through window graphics. One-way see-through graphics are only effective where there is more light on the outside(image side) than on the inside (black side). When there is more light on the inside or during the hours of darkness, conventional see-through graphics can suffer from ‘burn-through’ where the lights inside a building or vehicle sometimes reduce and may eliminate the impact of the graphics, if there is no or inadequate external illumination.

Backlit see-through graphics offer a solution if light levels are reversed, for example, during the hours of darkness. Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ graphics also allow daylight in and a view out, with the translucent white film using existing in-store lighting to ‘back-light’ the graphics during the hours of darkness. Spot or flood lights directed at the graphics from outside the field of vision effectively transform them into an illuminated sign.