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It is now 33 years since the first international patent application was made for “one-way vision an other see-through graphics with a design on one side not visible from the other side” – better known to us all as Contra Vision.

Since then another 32 inventions related to see-through graphics have been patented or are patentpending, plus a number for other markets (including flat-packed display systems and methods of making and serving tea!).

On every continent across the world, every one-way vision or other see-through graphic product onwindows uses this original patent. This includes bus wraps, building wraps, retail advertisements, privacy film and decor panels. Many installations also benefit from subsequent Contra Vision innovative patents.

Over the years we have had many patent infringements, but we can still take pride in this global adoption of our various technologies, whether or not we receive financial benefit. For over a third of a century we have led an industry that we started, through our expertise, continual innovation and state of the art technology.

We have licensed our inventions to many multi-national companies, including 3M, Avery  Dennison, Swire, Kimberley-Clark, LG Chem and Toppan. This year saw Saint Gobain as our first licensee to print tempered glass with ceramic ink – another world first from Contra Vision!

These names are the tip of the iceberg with literally hundreds of other companies, on all continents, who have also been licensed.

Today, we concentrate on manufacturing and selling our own products, including the widest range of Perforated Window Films, through distributors to printing companies across the world. By controlling the manufacture and distribution we can ensure that the quality meets our exacting standards – something we have always taken very seriously.

We can safely say that in most cities and towns across the world, it is difficult to stand on any main street and not see one of our inventions on a shop window or car or bus passing by. You’ll also see examples on the next ice cream van you see!

Over the years, Contra Vision has been widely recognized for its inventiveness and received many awards, including the BBC Tomorrow’s World “Prince of Wales Award for Innovation and Production” and two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, one for innovation and one for exports.

With this history of achievements and service to the advertising, large format graphics, architectural, vehicle, security, novelty and other industries, we are proud to celebrate using our 33 years / 33 inventions graphic device.