There are many ways in which glass can be enhanced to add value to existing property. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Incorporate signs, branding and advertising to glass doors and surrounding entrance panels without blocking daylight into the building or the view from inside;
  • One-way vision wayfinding signs;
  • Advertising (and the associated income stream) on prominent windows which also provides privacy to people inside;
  • Solar control in spaces which are prone to overheating or glare, e.g. Contra Vision strips at the top of windows will block the most impactful solar rays and provide valuable banner space for one-way vision signs;
  • Hide the view into a space which is under refurbishment or to act as a modesty panel;
  • Add interior design, decorative features and one-way vision privacy to meeting rooms and partitions.

There are many variables to consider when designing window graphics including lighting conditions, weather, the experience of people on both sides of the application, ease of installation, colour combinations which give the best effects etc. Our team of experts provide consultancy assistance to help you through the design and specification process, ensuring you choose the most appropriate product from our unrivalled range.

Our glass enhancement appraisal is aimed at making things as easy as possible for the site manager/owner. We will visit your site at a convenient time and conduct an appraisal of all glazing as required. You will receive a report and photos of all the opportunities we find, including a specification of the recommended product to use in each situation and advice on which of our print partners can help.

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(*) Subject to geographical constraints and demand. May require a second site visit to get exact measurements of windows.