Licences and Licensees

Contra Vision Ltd is an intellectual property company which owns the rights to the Contra Vision range of technologies worldwide, including patents, patent applications and trade marks. Contra Vision Ltd has appointed its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Contra Vision North America, Inc. as Exclusive Licensee for the territory of North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) and Contra Vision Supplies Ltd as Exclusive Licensee for the rest of the world.

These two companies have exclusive rights in their licensed territory to manufacture and sell Contra Vision® products and have the responsibility for “policing” Contra Vision Ltd’s intellectual property within their specific territory.

Contra Vision Supplies Ltd and Contra Vision North America, Inc. also have the right to sub-license the intellectual property by technology or, optionally, by market within their territory to production and/or distribution sub-licensees.

An Online Licensing system is available on this website for printers interested in exploiting the Contra Vision® Impress™ and Contra Vision® BACKLITE Impress™ technologies. To find out how you can become licensed for any of our other technologies, please contact us on

Contra Vision is actively protecting its patents, the international supply of licensed see-through graphics and, in turn, our licensees’ interests. Over the last 18 months, Contra Vision has successfully deleted several hundred advertisements for infringing see-through graphics products from global website trading portals such as Alibaba, Made in China, DIY Trade and TradeKey.

We have had 100% success, simply because these trading companies cannot be seen to be condoning infringement.

As a result, a number of “infringers” have requested to become licensed.

In view of our investment in intellectual property and in support of our licensees, we will defend our Intellectual Property to maintain a level playing field and fairness to all.