Stunning window graphics to kickstart your post-lockdown business

Using Contra Vision® White on Black 80/20 (20% transparency) perforated film is the ideal way to tell customers that a business is open. The 80% solid and 20% perforated construction means images and text are bright and vibrant; sure to catch the eye of a customer. This is key to ensuring people outside can see and read the messages, while allowing people inside to see out.

Big and bold window wraps to announce reopening

Large Scale Retail Graphics 01
Stunning Motor Dealership Messaging 01 01

See-through door signage with eye-level immediacy

Ideal for eye level graphics on entrance doors for clear COVID-19 social distancing communication. Clearly visible messaging from the outside, but from inside customers and staff can still see out. This helps manage numbers entering, controls social distancing and reduces close contact when entering and exiting.

Entrance Door Messaging Bullseye 01 01
Callaway Outside View EU Retail Graphics 01 01Callaway Inside View EU Retail Graphics 01