Stadium Wraps for Premier League teams

We have noticed some fantastic stadium wraps on our travels to English Premier League football grounds. Here we celebrate the best examples which were born out of Our Invention of 35 years ago. Manchester City and Liverpool might be dominating on the pitch but which football club has the number one stadium wrap?

If we do not know which brand of perforated window film was used for the project then we clearly label the photograph as “Manufacturer Unknown”. Please contact us if you wish to verify the manufacturer and/or want us to remove the photograph altogether. We are also keen to receive good quality photos from our customers and football fans which we can post and acknowledge.

Anfield | Liverpool

This looked fantastic with a great choice of colors.

Etihad Stadium | Manchester City

Stadium wrap to celebrate the quadruple winners of the 2018/19 season – Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup and Charity Shield. What a season!

American Express Stadium | Brighton and Hove Albion

Not the biggest of window wraps but it looked absolutely stunning on a bright day! Whoever designed the graphics and printed this deserves much credit. Dare I say that this is a personal favorite?

Emirates | Arsenal

We think this is perforated window film but have not managed to get close enough for definite. It still looks wonderful!

Old Trafford | Manchester United

A large wrap which grabs the attention of anyone approaching the stadium. We have seen a number of different wraps here over the years.

Selhurst Park Stadium | Crystal Palace

A large wrap applied to a portable cabin at Selhurst Park Stadium to transform it from an eyesore in to an eye-catching display of the Crystal Palace F.C. brand.

Molineux Stadium | Wolverhampton Wanderers

This application is similar to the installation done at Selhurst Park for Crystal Palace F.C. as it has been done on a portable building on the grounds for the purpose of transforming it from an eyesore into a display of Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. branding.

Stamford Bridge | Chelsea F.C.

These impactful graphics have been applied to the entrance to the South Stand, otherwise known as the Shed End, of Stamford bridge stadium where fans can see this fantastic display of the clubs branding as they enter.

Elland Road | Leeds United F.C.

We love the vibrancy of this stadium wrap on the entrance of Elland Road football stadium in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

King Power Stadium | Leicester City F.C.

These one-way vision window graphics on the entrance of the shop at King Power Stadium which feature some of players from Leicester City F.C. are sure to grab the attention of fans as they enter to grab their merch.

St James’ Park | Newcastle United F.C.

This installation on the windows of the store at St James’ Park are sure to grab the attention of fans with their vibrancy while fans in the store will still be able to have a clear view out of the windows due to the unique one-way vision quality of perforated window film.