Window Graphics for Sports & Events

One-way vision window graphics are a very popular promotional media for sports and events. Modern sports stadia often include large areas of glass and perforated window film maintains a high level of daylight inside. It is also a cost-effective way to promote events and conferences on building entrances.

Cricket Screens


The batting player at cricket requires a white side screen behind the bowler to see the ball clearly. This normally reduces the area within a stadium for spectators but with Contra Vision a white/branded window panel can be used which is transparent from inside.

Executive Boxes


There is often a need for privacy inside press or VIP boxes at sports stadia. This provides an opportunity for one-way vision window prints which are seen from the outside but from inside the see-through is excellent.

The Boston Red Sox used Contra Vision at their Fenway Park stadium to conceal a private bar window within their iconic “green monster” wall.

Manchester City Football Club used Contra Vision HD, which has perforations that are 60% smaller in area than standard definition window perf, on the outside of their Sensory Room to hide the families inside.

Seating Partitions

Aviva Stadium Seating Partitions 01

Seat partitioning at sports stadia provides an opportunity for one-way vision graphics. Spectators benefit from an uninterrupted view.

Squash Court

Sports & Events Squash Court 01

This is how it all started for Contra Vision and the worldwide phenomena of one-way vision window graphics! Squash players can see colored walls when inside the court whereas spectators from all sides have an unobstructed view of the game.

Stadium Wrap

Etihad Stadium Wrap 01

Transform stadia into giant advertising billboards to promote a sponsor or celebrate the team. Modern sports stadia are often constructed with large areas of glass which are easily covered in see-through window graphics. Daylight is allowed into the building.

Pitch Surround


Pitch surrounds within sports stadia are highly identifiable by spectators and viewers on television. One-way vision advertising allows additional seating without blocking people’s view of the game.