Projects We Like

Here we celebrate some of our favorite projects we have seen around the world, which were born out of Our Invention. If we do not know which brand of perforated window film was used for the project then we clearly label the photograph as “Manufacturer Unknown”. Please contact us if you wish to verify the manufacturer and/or want us to remove the photograph altogether.

We are also keen to receive good quality photos from our customers which we can post and acknowledge. The more interesting and different the project the better! You can view our Contra Vision® Case Studies here.

Guess | Belgium

This is an application we found at Brussels airport. Some people might criticize the see-through aspect of the graphics but we think it is a great promotional device to showcase the cabinet behind.

Nike building wrap | USA

This project was done on the JW Marriott building, a four-star hotel in LA that is adjacent to the Staples Centre. The building wrap was done as Nike was a sponsor for an NBA All-Star Game in 2018 and it stayed up during the lead up to the game in order to promote the event and the brand.

Paco Rabanne | United Kingdom

This glass elevator shaft in Manchester is regularly wrapped with perforated window film advertising campaigns. The see-through from inside the elevator is excellent and the scale of the window graphics creates a strong impact on shoppers.

Alfred Dunhill | USA

Perforated window film is commonly used on retail windows for advertisements, promotions and branding whereas in this instance an abstract window graphic has been used to enhance the aesthetic of the store front.

Apple monorail | USA

The window advertisement pictured was one of seven different graphics installed at different locations near the Las Vegas Convention Center. These building wraps were printed and installed by BPGraphics for CES 2019.

Levi Bus Stop | United Kingdom

This bus stop is a great example of clever and impactful out of home advertising. This bus stop in the UK was fitted with a comfortable armchair made out of denim for this advertisement done by Levi Strauss & Co. and the glass of the shelter was covered by window perf printed with advertisements for the jeans brand.

Chicago | USA

There were tonnes of window graphics in Chicago when we were exhibiting there in the summer. We particularly liked the bold and striking one-way vision promotion on these empty retail units which allow prospective clients inside to see the street.

Royal British Legion | United Kingdom

This is a moody and evocative use of perforated window graphics to raise awareness of the Royal British Legion and remembrance day in the UK. We call this “hanging graphics” because the black surround provides a strong see-through quality.

Wagamama | United Kingdom

A great example of a retail entrance “highlite” application of perforated window film. The brightly colored window wrap still allow up to 50% of light into the restaurant and customers have a clear view both into and outside.

Las Vegas | USA

More stunning window graphics from the capital city of building wraps. This is almost certainly not Contra Vision material but we would love to give credit to the printer and manufacturer if we can.

Ted Baker | USA

A retail promotional campaign we found on 5th avenue New York in 2015. The quality of the printing and graphics was outstanding to match the prime retail location. We would love to credit the printer!

Brussels Airlines | Belgium

What we call an “Entrance Domination” which grabs the attention of everyone as they approach Brussels airport. Up to 50% of daylight is allowed into the airport concourse.

Citizen M Hotel | France

A stunning building wrap which was visible across the area surrounding Paris airport. A great way to promote your brand and enliven the environment.

Sugar Daddy Limousine | USA

Although perforated window film on a limousine is not something we see often, it is actually an ideal location for one-way vision film. Window perf provides privacy for those inside while the view-out is maintained, if the windows were covered in solid vinyl then enough light wouldn’t be able to enter the vehicle.

Merida Bikes Bus Wrap | Netherlands

We love this project done by space advertisers, Triple Media and printers, PPP Nederland for Merida Bikes who are high-quality bike manufacturers. The vibrancy of the colors used for these promotional graphics ensured the bus stood out in the crowds as it visited main race locations during the Giro d’Italia.

Helsinki Tram | Finland

The window advertising only covers part of the carriage. This ensures clear lines of sight into the tram and passengers have the option of sitting next to parts of the window which are not wrapped. And we loved the rye bread, fresh bilberries, “squeaky cheese” and lake saunas as well!

Kitzbuhel | Austria

This was a new application for Contra Vision which was seen at one of the team’s favorite ski resorts. It is a great idea for adding decoration and drawing attention to buildings.

Stars and Stripes | USA

Not even sure where this photo was taken on our travels across the states. We love the striking simplicity and the way the one-way vision widow graphics are hiding the view into the building and also reducing solar heat gain.