Window Graphics for OOH

One-way vision window graphics are a very popular medium for OOH advertising. Perforated window film allows for one-of-a-kind, cost-effective applications that cover large areas, creating eye-catching designs. Find out more about what is OOH advertising and how your campaign can benefit from Contra Vision®.

Bus Shelter | Full Wrap

Bus Shelter Full Wrap 01

Bus shelters and other street furniture provide an opportunity for Out of Home (OOH) advertising on the street, enabling advertisers to connect with consumers on an intimate, face-to-face level. Often the proximity of sites is close to retail outlets. One-way vision graphics enable pedestrians behind the shelter to see the road and bus arrival.

Bus Shelter | Side Panel

Bus Shelter Side Panel 01

The side panel of bus and tram shelters is a popular option for out of home (OOH) advertising. Often the side panel is transparent and a solid poster is attached which blocks the view inside. One-way vision window graphics allow advertising to be seen from the bus but also maintains a degree of see-through from both sides.

Information Pod

Information Pod 01

Temporary or permanent ticket and information booths are normally located in conspicuous places and attract attention. One-way vision window advertising can be added to one or more sides without blocking the view from inside, giving privacy to people inside without making them feel claustrophobic.

Information Board

Information Board 01

Convert a prominent window into a tourist information sign or map without blocking the view from inside. We recommend Contra Vision® HD Performance™ perforated vinyl to give the most detailed graphics and smallest font sizes for your visual communication and glass branding.

Ticket Booth | Full Wrap

Ticket Booth Full Wrap 01

Ticket booths are normally located in conspicuous places and attract attention. One-way vision window advertising can be added to one or more sides without blocking the view from inside, giving privacy to people inside without making them feel claustrophobic. They also provide solar control and privacy benefits to workers.

Ticket Booth | Highlite

Ticket Booth Highlight 01

A promotional or information banner can be added to the upper part of a ticket booth window without interrupting the see-through at eye level. With Contra Vision the window print is up to 50% transparent, allowing light into the ticket booth.

Ticket Barriers

Ticket Barriers 01

Security and ticket barriers are often constructed with transparent panels to ensure people are seen on the other side. This is an opportunity to apply see-through window graphics to create advertising space which is in people’s faces. Perforated window film offers excellent through vision from behind and there is also see-through from the front as well.

Station Platform Barriers

Station Platform Barriers 01

Train platforms in some stations have glass safety barriers to prevent passengers from falling onto the railway track. When the train arrives in the platform the barriers open to allow people on and off the train. See-through window graphics facing the train are seen by passengers when then the train is stationary and is an opportunity for advertising space and other information. Passengers on the platform can still see inside the train to see where there is space.

Phone Booth

Phone Booth 01

Phone booths were one of the first applications of Contra Vision across several countries. The booths are still dotted around the high street and are commonly adorned with “solid” advertising posters. One-way vision window graphics are superior in that they allow people inside to see out and feel less hidden in an enclosed space.

COVID-19 Test Booth

Covid 19 Test Booth 01

Temporary test booths have popped up around the country which people are able to visit to be tested for Covid-19. The benefit of having perforated window film on these structures is that the medical professional within the booth will be able to see if anyone is approaching and can ensure social distancing measures are being followed. Another benefit is that privacy for people in the booth will be maintained while they are having the test done.

Body Search Booth

Body Search Booth 01

Some airports have installed private security booths to conduct “pat down” searches rather than doing them in public next to the x-ray machine. The booths are dark and claustrophobic unless they include one-way vision panels. Contra Vision enables advertising and branding to be added to the panels without blocking light from entering the booth.

Smoking Booth

Smoking Booth

Airports with a smoking ban in public areas have constructed booths where people can have a cigarette away from others. The booths are often built from glass to allow people to see out but this also draws attention to the people inside. One-way vision window graphics should be applied to the outside of the window to create advertising space and to provide privacy to smokers.

Waiting Area

Waiting Area 01

Enliven airport waiting areas with promotional window decals and glass branding. Heathrow Airport decided to celebrate the festive period with a giant Christmas tree, printed on perforated vinyl and then applied to a glass wall.

Security Partition

Security Partition 01

Airports contain many security partitions to divide up the airport. These are often blocked with solid window graphics which prevent see-through from both sides. Perforated Window Film enables the space to be used for Out of Home (OOH) advertising and glass branding without blocking sight lines.

Security Doors

Security Door 01

Airport security doors are often covered with window signage and wayfinding information. One-way vision graphics improve the visibility, safety and security around the door.

Jet Bridge

Jet Bridge 01

Jet bridges at airports connect the main building with planes, ensuring passengers can stay undercover when they board and exit. The walkways are more pleasant spaces if people can see out. Out of home advertising can still be used on the outside by using one-way vision window graphics.

Bridge Wrap

Bridge Wrap 01

The Milwaukee Bucks made it to the NBA playoffs and the city pulled out all the stops to celebrate. Along with turning the Milwaukee River bright green they wanted to let anyone visiting the city know that something big was going on. Working with Mandel Graphic solutions they identified the Sky bridge which crosses the Milwaukee River as a possible centerpiece. By using Performance Clear in a 30% transparency, the window graphics could be safely applied to the inside face of the glass. Once applied pedestrians who crossed the bridge were able to take in the fantastic view of the city together with the bright green water below. Those on adjacent bridges and buildings were treated to the eye catching #FearTheDeer campaign.