Novelty Applications Of Window Perf

One-way vision window graphics allow for creatively unique applications. Whether the project you have in mind is big or small, Contra Vision® perforated window film can help your designs come to life. Find inspiration for your next project from the novelty window film applications below.

3D Effect Lettering

3D Effect Lettering 01

This is a great way to create a 3D effect for your window signage and highly effective in capturing the eye. The perforated film is printed and internally applied to the window, while the stand-out text is contour cut and removed from the main poster. Once applied in position on the inside of the window the solid vinyl letters are applied to the outside of the glass. The result is a fantastic 3D effect that becomes visible as you move left to right in front of the window.

Disappearing Wall

Disappearing Wall 01

One-way vision window graphics disappear from view when a bright light source is positioned behind them. This is a trick of the eye which has been used in museums and theatre. Contra Vision can be applied on a front illuminated glass panel to show graphics and text about an exhibit. At the flick of a switch the illumination on the front panel is removed, the front glass panel disappears from view and a bright light box reveals objects behind, being the source of attention.

Business Card

Business Card 01

Stand out from the crowd with a business card printed with see-through graphics. Show the contact details on one side and a corporate design on the other side while maintaining a degree of see-through. One-way vision playing cards are another fun application of Contra Vision. Hold the cards up and you can see through them without showing your hand to other people in the room.

Playing Cards

Playing Cards 01

One-way vision playing cards are a fun application of Contra Vision. Hold the cards up and you can see through them without showing your hand to other people in the room.

Window Stickers


Small perforated window stickers (decals) are a great way to promote a brand, team or message. Using a one-way vision solution ensures the see-through from inside is not blocked and reduces the appearance of clutter.

Fairground Ride

Fairground Ride 01

A fun novelty application of Contra Vision we came across in a fairground. The windshield of model cars are covered in one-way vision graphics allowing children inside to see out.


Funglasses 01

Contra Vision offers a number of technologies for creating one-way vision Funglasses. Add any design on the front while maintaining a see-through vision for the person wearing the glasses. Hanging mobiles and other unique souvenirs can also be created with Contra Vision.

Ceiling Mobile

Ceiling Mobile 01

Contra Vision sent out a Christmas hanging mobile to our customers and partners in years gone by. It can be used as a Christmas decoration and helps to remind people about Contra Vision.