Perforated Image Previewer™ (PIP)

Have you ever wondered how your graphics will actually look once printed on a perforated window film? We have developed the perfect tool to answer this question!

Perforated Image Previewer (PIP) is our exclusive tool that shows you how your design will look on Contra Vision® perforated window film. You just need to:

  1. Upload your image (JPEG files, PDFs).
  2. Set the print size with a maximum dimension of 1m (height or width)
  3. Select a perforation pattern from the Contra Vision range including new HD
  4. Zoom in and out of the image to see out the perforated image will look from different distances (the perforation pattern is indiscernible at longer viewing distances)

This innovative tool has been developed by Contra Vision to allow customers to get a better idea of how your graphics will look once printed, so that you are able to select the product that best fits your needs. In particular you can ensure your type size is large enough to be read and that any detail has the impact you are looking for. Select a lower transparency or HD if you want the most impactful graphics. Select a higher transparency if you want the best see-through experience from inside the window. See our Transparency Guide including a comparison of how the inside view compares for each product.

‘Create’ is a key initial stage of the five steps in Project Lifetime Value. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are supported throughout their project, starting from the important design stage.

PIP uses a grey background for the perforations which is a ‘virtual’ version of our Contra Vision® Grayliner™. This exclusive and patented liner has been developed to help print operators with colour matching and ‘right-first-time’ print quality, during production. The PIP grey background and Contra Vision Grayliner offers a more realistic representation of how the printed image will look like once on the window.

Try Contra Vision® PIP and see how your graphic will look on our perforated window films.