Digital Contra Vision

Contra Vision® offers solutions which transform windows into promotional digital screens for visual communication, without blocking the see-through from inside the building. At the largest scale, glass curtain walling found on modern buildings can be used to create breathtaking marketing events. Smaller scale applications involve retail display windows or glass partitions for meeting rooms.

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Digital Projection Mapping – Building Wraps

Contra Vision Window Films are great for digital projection mapping onto windows and glass. The films provide a projection screen for images while maintaining excellent see-through from inside buildings when the projection is switched off. Large buildings are increasingly constructed of glass and offer flat surfaces which are ideal for attention grabbing digital projections which dominate urban environments

Projection Screens for Retail Display Windows

Small and medium sized installations are easy to install by non-professionals using readily available items! Contra Vision offers a range of window films for retail display windows and meeting rooms. A powerful way to grab attention at night time and also works during the day. Content is easy to change without replacing materials and therefore less waste

Switchable Film Projection Screen

Contra Vision Switchable, when switched off (opaque), provides a white surface perfect for projecting onto whether it be for functional purposes, such as presentations, advertising, or displaying videos and games, or for more decorative purposes.

Mixed Media

Standard digital LED screens (non-transparent) are a useful way to promote changing content to passers-by via a window display. However, it is expensive to install a screen in a window in a sleek and attractive way because the fixings can look ugly. A one-way vision perforated vinyl can be used to surround the screen with window advertising and hide the LED stand from view. It is also provides a valuable visual communication space for glass branding and retail graphics while allowing daylight inside.