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You can achieve many different effects with one-way vision graphics (also know as see-through graphics). Take a look at some of the design ideas which you could incorporate into your next project. This includes One-way vision graphics, Double-sided graphics, Backlit graphics, Selective blocking and Unprinted solutions.

One-way vision graphics

This is the most common design which is typically printed on White on Black perforated vinyl and applied to the outside of windows. The graphics cannot be seen from inside the window and you have an excellent view out. Here are some helpful design tips to get the most impactful graphics possible.


Full Window Wrap

  • Choose a low transparency perforated window film to increase the print area, e.g. 20% or 30%
  • Bright colors and white reflects more light and therefor standout more
  • Try to include as much texture and detail in the graphics to attract the attention of the eye
  • If the inside is well lit with other windows then avoid large blocks of uniform primary color if you want to block the see-through.

Hanging/Floating Graphics

  • It is normally best to avoid black in one-way vision graphics because it does not reflect much light and therefore does not block the view inside
  • However, a black surround can be used to create a “floating graphic” effect which attracts extra attention to your chosen image, especially if white is dominant in the design

Contour Cut Graphics

  • Minimize the disruption caused by see-through window graphics by using a contour cut design which only partially covers the window. The irregular shape is also more likely to be noticed. This solution is often chosen for retail advertising posters, with the added benefit that clear sight lines are maintained into the store.
Contra Vision Graphics Overlay 1
Contra Vision Graphics Overlay 2

Perforated Overlay

  • The see-through properties of perforated window film enable it to be used as an overlay to existing graphics, both on windows and on other surfaces. For example, a plain poster with a black background and text can be applied on top of a more striking graphic.
  • The graphic underneath will remain partially visible and ensures a continuous feel to the overall appearance. It also makes it easier to apply the text to the best possible location on the background graphics once installed (this can be difficult pre-press).

Double sided see-through graphics

You can go a step further and have a different one-way vision graphic visible on the inside of the window. We call this Double Sided see-through graphics which need to be printed on either Clear Perforated Window Film or Clear solid window film using Contra Vision® Impress™ methodology.

White-Black-White Double-Sided

  • The simplest form of double-sided see-through graphics involves 3 print layers: white image (reverse reading so it can be read from the inside), black and then a second white image. This is excellent for door signs such as Push – Pull or branded logos

Color-White-Black-White-Color Double-Sided

  • This involves 5 print layers with the first color layer printed reverse reading so it looks right from the inside. The 5 layers of ink are normally too much for Clear perforated window film as the ink is likely to block the holes. However, it works very well if you use an HP Latex machine with white ink because the inks are thin and do not protrude into the holes.

Backlit see-through graphics


Translucent White perforated window film enables see-through graphics to be illuminated at night using (back) lighting from inside the window. This overcomes a problem faced by conventional (White on Black) perforated window film, which suffers from image fading and can become transparent if the inside is illuminated at night. The printed image can also be seen from the inside which can be an attractive feature in some applications.

Selective blocking


Intersperse areas of see-through graphics with printed areas of “solid” graphics, e.g. to include a QR code, barcode, logo or detailed lettering on part of an advertising sign. This option is only possible with Contra Vision® Impress™ printed on clear unperforated materials.

Unprinted perforated vinyl


Unprinted white on black perforated window film can be used for one-way vision privacy and solar control. Contra Vision also offers a Black on White perforated HD product which can be applied to the inside face of the window.


Unprinted perforated window film can also be used as a canvas for projecting videos onto windows at night. Daylight is still allowed into buildings during daytime and people inside can see out.