Car Wrap Gallery

Here are some of the most outstanding car and van wraps we have seen with perforated window graphics. Take a look and let us know what you think. If you want to share any great photos of Contra Vision® car wraps then we would be very happy to post them and give you credit.

Perforated window graphics were born out of our invention. We want to celebrate great projects across the world including perforated window film manufacturers which were former licensees of our patents. If we do not know which brand of perforated window film was used for the project then we clearly label the photograph as “Manufacturer Unknown”. Please contact us if you wish to verify the manufacturer and/or want us to remove the photograph altogether.

We also have a page which shows all the different types of vehicle wrap applications.

Julian Wadden | United Kingdom

Marlboro Music | South Africa

Sugar Daddy Limo | USA

Estate agents can get noticed in their local area with striking car wraps.

Window graphics on car wraps can be used to promote festivals, like the Marlboro Music Festival for example.

The wide expanse of glass on a limo is an ideal location for promotional window graphics, as shown in the vehicle wrap above.

Natinfi | France

Damien Thiéry | Belgium

Club transport  | United Kingdom

Car rear window graphics are an excellent way to advertise your own business or services.

Utilize your car for promotional window graphics even when stuck in traffic using perforated window film.

A car wrap is an effective way to promote a brand within the local community.

MDi Invest | Belgium

Seasons AL | Australia

Mersey Medical | United Kingdom

In the example above, one-way vision film has been used to provide contact details from multiple angles.

Car wraps using one-way vision film provides privacy for passengers.

A car wrap application using perforated window film is a unique way to brand a company car.

The Good Estate Agent | United Kingdom

WATSSUP, Watsons Bay | Australia

Lake Toba – Samosir | Indonesia

Using perforated vinyl on a car wrap allows you to continue your graphic on to the windows of your car, creating a cohesive, professional look.

Perforated window film has been used on the rear of this van for promotional graphics.

This car wrap has been applied to the rear window of the car to advertise Lake Toba while also reducing solar glare in to the car without blocking the view out of the back window.