Bus Wrap Gallery

Here we celebrate some of our favorite projects we have seen around the world, which were born out of our invention. If we do not know which brand of perforated window film was used for the project then we clearly label the photograph as “Manufacturer Unknown”. Please contact us if you wish to verify the manufacturer and/or want us to remove the photograph altogether.

We are also keen to receive good quality photos from our customers which we can post and give credit for. The more interesting and different the project the better! You can view our Contra Vision® case studies here.

Transit Advertising

Lego Movie | New Zealand

A bus wrap is a cost-effective method of out-of-home advertising, reaching audiences across different locations on a daily basis.

Kelloggs Crunchy Nut | United Kingdom

A total bus wrap allows a print designer to continue their design on to the windows of the bus, creating an eye-catching advertisement that leaves a lasting impact on passers-by.

Virgin Mobile | Australia

Using perforated window film on a bus wrap provides privacy for passengers while the view-out is maintained.

1916 Bus Tour | Dublin

A bus wrap utilizes the wide expanse of glass available on a bus for promotional window graphics.

Omnia | Finland

Applying window graphics to a bus rather than a building, presents the opportunity to reach a larger audience with your promotions.

Festive Bus | Atlanta

The bus pictured above is being used in a holiday parade, perforated window film is used to adorn in the bus in a festive visage while providing privacy for those inside.

Lipton | New Zealand

Using perforated vinyl on a bus wrap allows you to continue your graphic on to the windows of the bus, creating a sleek and cohesive look.

RACQ | Australia

In warmer countries like Australia, applying perforated window film to bus windows reduces the solar heat gain, making it cooler inside the bus.

Australia’s Next Top Model | Australia

Applying perforated window film to the rear windows of a bus is a cost-effective but impactful option for out of home advertising.

Les Misérables | London

A total bus wrap is an eye-catching medium with a lasting impact which can reach a bigger audience than a partial bus wrap.

Universal Resort | Orlando

A bus wrap makes an eye-catching advertisement as it stands out among plain, unwrapped buses.

SPICEBUS | Manchester

Using perforated vinyl allows out of home advertising to extend on to the windows of a bus, which can be seen the bus wrap pictured above.

Westpac Banking Corporation | Australia

A vehicle wrap can turn a bus into a moving billboard.

Pepsi | Australia

Applying perforated window film to a bus provides solar shade for passengers without blocking their view out.

Cirque Du Soleil | Australia

Using perforated vinyl transforms a bus into a highly impactful promotion for your business or brand.