100 Applications

Our invention started a new type of advertising which spread across the world, making Contra Vision® a byword for one-way vision window graphics. It enables brands, retailers, government and private organisations to transform glass into valuable promotional space without blocking the see-through from the other side.

During 35 years in the business, we have counted over 100 different applications (109 at the last count!) of Contra Vision covering Retail display windows/Point of Purchase (POP)/visual merchandising; Out of Home (OOH) including vehicles, transport hubs etc.; Branding including vehicle livery, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), interior partitions and building entrances; and novelty items. With our invention and your vision the creative possibilities are limitless.

We have compiled the Applications into a single library to provide new ideas and to inspire the use of one-way vision window graphics. The library is intended as an educational resource for all the industry and the photos and projects are not confined to Contra Vision Perforated Window Film. If we do not know whether the source of the perforated window film is Contra Vision or someone else, then we clearly label the photograph as “Manufacturer Unknown”. Please contact us if you wish to verify the manufacturer behind any photograph of wish to remove it altogether.

Full Wrap
Lower Panel
Highlite Banner
Contour Cut
Hanging Graphics
Retail Window
Graphics Overlay
Store Refurbishment
Showroom Highlite
Showroom Full Wrap
Retail Digital Projection
Retail Mixed Media
Visual Merchandising Frame
Retail Door Full Wrap
Retail Door Poster
Retail Door Lower Panel
Vending Machine
Display Cabinet
Hanging Banner
Retail Other
Retail Viewing Partition
Cooler Door Full Wrap
Cooler Door Inside
Cooler Door Poster
Cooler Door Side Strip
Cooler Door Digital
Retail Trolley Bay
Bus Wrap
Fleet Livery
Bus Wrap Doors
Bus Total Wrap
Bus Wrap Billboard
Bus Contour Cut
Bus Side Highlite
Bus Windshield Visor
Bus Upper Front
Bus Wrap Rear
Other Transit
Train Wrap Full
Train Internal Window
Taxi Wrap Full Rear
Taxi Rear Banner
Taxi Full Side
Tram Full Wrap
Tram Billboard Poster
Tram Inside Partitions
Car Wraps
Car Wrap Full Rear
Car Wrap Rear Banner
Total Car Wrap
Car Side Window
Car Window Strip
Entrance Full Wrap
Entrance Highlite
Entrance Main Door
Entrance Revolving Door
Building Feature Window
Building Exterior Balcony
Artificial Grass Protection
Building Wrap
Building Empty Units
Entrance Surround
Portable Building Wrap
Building Total Wrap
Billboard Wrap
Street Privacy
Upper Floor Window
Modesty Panel
Building Digital Projection
Wayfinding Signs
Interior Balustrade
Desk Partitions
Meeting Rooms
Building Interior
Escalator Barrier
Stair Handrails
Acoustic Booth
Elevator Shafts
Travel Hubs
Station Platform Barriers
Bridge Wrap
Waiting Area
Ticket Barriers
Security Partition
Security Doors
Jet Bridge
Body Search Booth
Smoking Booth
Sports & Events
Sports Stadium Wrap
Sports Executive Boxes
Sports Pitch Surround
Events Seating Barrier
Cricket Side Screens
Squash Court
Other OOH
Information Board
Phone Booth
Bus Shelter Full Wrap
Bus Shelter Side Panel
Information Pod
Ticket Booth Full Wrap
Ticket Booth Highlite
COVID-19 Test Booth
Other Vehicles
Ice Cream Van
Driverless Pods
OEM Vehicle Brandvisor
Mobile Library
Mobility Carts
Golf Carts
Ferris Wheel
Dazzle Ship
Cable Car
Disappearing Wall
3D Effect Lettering
Fairground Ride
Ceiling Mobile
Playing Cards
Business Card
Window Stickers