Earlier this month I was thrilled to learn I would be attending my first tradeshow exhibition, FESPA 2021.This year the exhibition was based in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the RAI Convention Center. This was also my first trip to the “Venice of the North”, so I couldn’t wait to see what the city had in store for me.

Since joining Contra Vision back in the summer of 2019, there haven’t been any chances to go to a tradeshow between settling into my new role and the pandemic that followed so finding out that an exhibition would be happening again was terrific news.

Upon entering the convention center, I was met with a sea of chatter, brightly colored booths, and even brighter lights. The exhibitors at FESPA clearly did not skimp when it came to decking out their booths and the effort paid off, I was drawn from one booth to the next like a moth to a flame.

After over a year and a half of socializing restrictions, my heart soared at the chance to be able to meet new people, especially such a diverse group of people from across Europe. Getting to meet people from Italy, Greece, Finland and many more countries all in one day is an experience I won’t easily forget.

I also got the chance to see Contra Vision HD displayed on some of our distributor’s booths and I swelled with pride to see guests coming up to the display, photographing it and admiring a product that I think is so fantastic.

After the convention, I enjoyed a spectacular dinner with my colleagues in a lovely little restaurant by one of the many canals where I ate the best lamb chops, I’ve had in my life and drank maybe a little too much red wine.

I didn’t get the chance to explore all the many attractions and delights that the beautiful city of Amsterdam has to offer; although you bet, I stocked up on stroopwafels on my way out. This just means I’ll be hopping on a plane at the next opportunity back there. Thanks for having me Amsterdam, I’ll see you again soon!

Written by Tiffany Beckett, Marketing Manager – Digital.

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